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2.92M-2.92M 12" IBS047 ASSEMBL

Times Microwave Systems InstaBend® assemblies offer a cutting-edge solution for flexible, coaxial microwave assemblies tailored to streamline interconnectivity within RF circuit cards, modules, and enclosure panels. Offered as ready-to-use cable assemblies, these cables feature low outgassing materials in accordance with ASTM E595 standards, ensuring reliability in critical applications.

Optimized for minimal attenuation, the InstaBend® series provides ultra-stable performance even under flexure, allowing for tight bends behind the connectors to simplify cable routing. With superior shielding, these microwave assemblies offer robust protection against external interference. Additionally, the InstaBend® series offers radiation resistance, capable of withstanding up to 30 MRads, making it a versatile and durable choice for applications where signal integrity is paramount.

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