Souriau 8D - MIL-DTL-38999 Series III / EN3645 / BACC63CT/CU / BACC63DB/DC


Souriau 8D D38999 Series III connectors are built to meet the performance requirements of military aerospace applications and other harsh environments. The unique anti-decoupling mechanism ensures that the plug and receptacle of the Souriau 8D D38999 Series III connector remain coupled under extreme environmental conditions. The Souriau 8D product family is qualified to MIL-DTL-38999 Series III, EN3645, BACC63 and CECC (standard for bronze shell). In addition to commercial and military aerospace, Souriau 8D D38999 Series III connectors are an ideal choice for other applications, including medical instrumentation, marine equipment, defense, and ground military vehicles.

  • High contact density up to 128 contacts #22D
  • Quick screw coupling with self locking mechanism
  • High vibration withstanding (44g)
  • Temperature up to 200°C
  • 500 mating/unmating cycles
  • RFI – EMI shielding and shell to shell continuity
  • Qualified to D38999, EN3645 & BACC63