Souriau 8D ELIO® Series Circular Fiber Optic Termini

Souriau 8D ELIO® Series Circular Fiber Optic Termini

Available with Souriau 8D 38999 Connectors


The Souriau 8D ELIO® Series is a flexible 38999 circular option for fiber optic termini. They are designed around a robust 2.5mm ceramic ferrule, with insertion and retention held stable by a bayonet locking mechanism, as well as simple to use and terminate. These connectors are used by Airbus as a standard on aircraft programs like A380, A350, A330 for all the communication using fiber optic.

With the ELIO fiber optic termini, the connection is sealed from the rear side without a backshell or grommet, covering layouts from 1 to 25 ways in all types of material shells. In the female insert, the termini are flushed to the insert surface, thus making it easy to inspect and clean the fiber optical end-face inspection and cleaning, compared to the traditional dust collecting socket design. Fiber optic termini are also keyed for better vibration withstanding and optical performances repeatability. The same termini part number can adapt tight or loose structure cable.

These contact extensions are ideal for the aerospace, defense, marine and industrial markets, with excellent vibration resistance and optical performance. Contact us today to learn more.