ITT Cannon SLC Connectors | Snap Lock Circular

ITT Cannon SLC Connectors, Snap Lock Connectors


The ITT Cannon Snap Lock Environmental series (SLC) is an environmentally-sealed, circular connector created for printed circuit board (PCB), cable-to-cable or bulkhead applications. The SLC connector series is environmentally-sealed against sand and dust and are designed for use under-the-hood, withstanding harsh off-road contaminants including oil and antifreeze. This SLC connector series is user-friendly and easy to assemble, with an audible and tactile feedback. SLC connector contacts will handle up to 5 amps continuous at a fully-rated temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. The SLC connector series is available as a 5 pin connector and a 10 pin connector. For full details on ITT Cannon SLC connector series snap lock connectors, see the product specifications below.