ITT Cannon Locking Connectors – Snap Lock & Clip Lock

Originally designed for the demanding requirements of automotive and off-road vehicle applications, ITT Cannon’s locking connectors are suitable for many rough, harsh-environment industrial applications. The locking connectors in this series feature non-corroding plastic construction with clamshell endbells. They are resistant to brake and transmission fluid, oils, grease, sand, salt, dirt, mud, and other containments

ITT Cannon’s locking connectors, which include the CLC series of clip lock connectors (available as a 2 pin connector and a 4 pin connector), the SLC series (available as a 5 pin connector and a 10 pin connector) of snap lock environmental circular connectors, and the SLE series (available as a 19 or 28 pin connector) of snap lock environmental rectangular connectors.

These connectors are appropriate for ABS brake controls, sensors, valve actuators, marine applications, vehicle-use monitoring equipment and anywhere a small-size, positive-locking, sealed connection is required. All styles are user-friendly, offering audible and tactile mating feedback as well as one-touch unmating.

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