ITT Cannon MIL-DTL-83513 Micro-D Connectors

Are you looking for the power of a D-Subminiature connector in a smaller, lighter package? Micro-D subminiature connectors have the performance you need made to fit where standard D-Subs won’t. These ultra-high-density Micro-D connectors fit in half the space of a standard rectangular connector. PEI-Genesis value-adds ITT Cannon’s MDM Micro-D Series with quick turnarounds.

ITT Cannon’s MDM series connector is a military-grade Micro-D connector appropriate for use in medical equipment, satellites, robotics, hand-held equipment, missiles, geophysical equipment, navigation systems, and commercial avionics or for use with flex circuitry, flat cable and printed circuit boards or multi-layer board. Its commercial counterpart, the MDSM series, is more commonly used for laptops, bar code scanners, commercial avionics, computers, telecommunications, microcomputer boards, cellular phones, LAN routers, and industrial automation equipment.

Standardized measurement and test methodologies ensure consistent, predictable performance throughout this broad family of ruggedized, miniature rectangular connectors. To learn more, select a product family below.