Ulti-Mate Micro-D Circuit Right Angle .075 X .100 Styles 8, 18 Connector

Ulti-Mate Micro-D Circuit Style 8, 18


PEI-Genesis offers Ulti-Mate’s Micro-D Circuit Series - Right Angle .075 x .100 Styles 8 and 18. These condensed-footprint right angle connectors are designed to fit circuit board applications; Style 18 is designed for flex circuit applications where the use of a jackscrew is necessary. Both utilize the same condensed footprint and are recommended for new designs over the older Styles 1(CBR) and 5 (BR). The termination footprints are contained within the envelope of the connector body, for optimal space savings while maintaining MIL-DTL-83513 specifications. Spacing between rows is 0.075 on all layouts. Stamped pins create consistency when assembled in order of manufacture, assuring dimensional consistency and quality control.