Ulti-Mate M32139 Nanominiature Connectors

Rectangular and Circular Nanominiature Connectors To MIL-DTL-32139

PEI-Genesis is franchised to provide Ulti-Mate Nanominiature connectors in both metal and plastic shells, in accordance with M32139. In addition to their standard aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium shells, Ulti-Mate also offers a full line of M32139 nanominiature connectors in fully molded Liquid Crystal Polymer bodies. These cost-effective M32139 nanominiature connectors are ideal when there is no need for grounding or shielding to metal shells. Ulti-Mate has developed a nanominiature contact design that addresses the manufacturing and performance issues of the twist pin, as well as problems found in other nanominiature contact designs. Utilizing the Ulti-Mate Nanominiature contact system (a size thirty, reverse gender system), the stamped pin contact is the spring member and the socket contact is an exposed, closed tube. As the pin contact is mated into the socket, the pin compresses inward. This process creates a constant normal force between mated contacts, which is required for good conductivity. The Ulti-Mate nanominiature pin contact is a precision stamped and formed contact. Every Ulti-Mate pin contact is stamped on a progressive die and captured on a carrier reel in its order of manufacture, assuring dimensional consistency and, equally important, assuring quality control.

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