Anderson Power Products™ SBE®/SBX® Multipole Connectors

The SBE® SBX® family of multipole connectors by Anderson Power Products™ are a cost-effective and versatile option. Many of these designs offer finger proofing and all are color coded and mechanically keyed, making both series ideal for environments where people will make physical contact with the connections.

SBX®: The addition of auxiliary positions to the SB® created the “Storage Battery Auxiliary” connector. Up to 8 auxiliary positions allow expanded capabilities for the Multipole family by allowing intelligent power switching, monitoring of battery charge status, and other signal functions to be integrated into a single connector.

SBE®: By modifying the SBX® housing, the “Storage Battery European” connector was created. The SBE® housings are molded from a chemical resistant PBT resin and the SBE® 320 features improved touch safety over the SBX®350 design.