ITT Cannon D38999 Style Connectors

MIL-DTL-38999 Circular Bayonet Connectors for Harsh Environments

PEI-Genesis offers the largest selection of value-added ITT Cannon D38999-Style connectors. ITT Cannon recognizes the need for flexibility and has designed its connectors to be intermateable with Souriau and other D38999-Style MIL-Spec connectors.

We stock a variety of ITT Cannon D38999s, from the standard bayonet-coupling circular series I (KJL series) to the low-weight, low-profile standard bayonet-coupling series II (KJ series), and the high-performance, standard triple-start circular series III (KJB series, formerly KJA) connectors.

All ITT Cannon D38999-Style connectors are designed to be rugged and offer a degree of environmental protection in harsh enviornments and demanding conditions. These connectors are designed to withstand the extreme shock, exposure and vibration that are commonplace in Defense and Commercial Aerospace applications and other severe service application needs (for example: in computer systems, military aircraft, testing equipment, unmanned systems, communication systems and more).

We stock a variety of air and gas-resistant hermetic D38999 connectors from Cannon. For space applications, our ITT Cannon D38999 connectors can be fully-outgassed to Class G Space Grade, to meet NASA/ESA approval, in just 4 hours. Click to learn more about outgassing.