Amphenol D38999 Circular Mil-Spec Connectors

PEI-Genesis has one of the largest inventories of Amphenol MIL-DTL-38999 circular connectors (formerly MIL-C-38999), including Amphenol D38999 series I, series II, and series III, available for custom assembly. Originally designed for military and commercial aircraft, these rugged, environmentally-sealed circular mil spec Amphenol D38999 connectors are excellent for high-reliability applications including in telecommunications equipment and onboard missiles, tanks and ships, or any other application that demands EMI shielding and corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

Our stock of Amphenol D38999 circular Mil-Spec connectors includes threaded coupling options such as Amphenol TV/CTV series (series III), Amphenol JT series (series II), and Amphenol LJT series (series I); bayonet coupling such as Amphenol SJT series and Amphe-Lite; as well as Amphenol HD (High-Density D38999) and Amphenol BACC63 (CT/CU & DB/DC).

If you require explosion-proof ATEX connectors, which are suitable for oil & gas applications as well as pharmaceutical or food manufacturing, we assemble Amphenol Amphe-EX and Star-Line EX circular connectors.

Our Amphenol D38999 Mil-Spec connectors are available with a wide variety of options, including number and arrangement of contacts, materials, and platings. For full product details, please select one of the Amphenol D38999 connectors below.

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